The quality

We cannot influence the length of your sleep, but we can influence its quality. To do so we use only the highest quality raw materials, the best processing methods and over 130 years of expertise, research and development for products that are unique on the world market. So you gain maximum well-being, performance and health possible whilst you are asleep.

Sanders of Germany – the best side of sleep.

Innovations since 1885

Consumers long for the continuous improvement of their living environment and are happy to invest in achieving it. Sanders have recognised this trend. Based on our more than 130 years of experience, we develop and research with the claim: “Only those who lead can determine the direction”. With this goal in mind, we create fine-thread fabrics of the highest quality.

The three components of premium quality

1. The fabric

Our particularly breathable, soft and high-quality fabric is available for sale by the meter as well as being used by us for sewing our fabrics.


The twill weave, which could be described as the original of ticking weaving, has a high degree of durability due to its high thread density. At the same time, it impresses with its extreme suppleness. Woven fabrics in twill weave can usually be recognized at one glance because of their diagonal twill ridges. The ridges result from the diagonal offset of the weave points. Each warp thread lies once above and twice below the individual weft threads – the best basis for feather- and down-tight pillow and duvet shells.


They are recognised by their frequent crossing points. By weaving the finest cotton yarns, the fabric pores are kept so small that the down cannot penetrate them. The simplest and at the same time closest crossing of warp and weft threads: each warp thread lies alternately once above and once below the individual weft threads.


Atlas bindings are usually easily recognised by their smooth surfaces that do not seem to have a structure and their silky sheen. Both is achieved through the evenly distributed crossing points. When combined with high-quality fillings you create particularly fine bedding.

2. The refinement

After weaving, a cloth is a raw material in the truest sense of the word. Innovative finishing techniques are needed to turn it into a fine, soft and breathable Künsemüller bed shells. At this point, our expertise is required to produce down-proof fabrics with an excellent moisture transfer, a lovely softness and the perfect feel. In addition, we process exquisitely refined fabrics such as the “Bramscher Tuch”.

Singeing & desizing

In order to remove the protruding fibres from a fabric, it is singed, ie. the fine hairs are burnt off. This only happens on the right side of the fabric, which is visible later.

During the ensuing desizing phase the sizing agent is dissolved so that it can be washed out.

(The purpose of the sizing is to increase the resistance of the warp threads).

Bleaching & dwelling

White cotton fibres also show natural yellowing, which is removed with an oxidative bleaching agent. We use hydrogen peroxide which has to react and dwell for 48 hours. After this time, the fabric is washed again, because only white bedding and bedding for medical applications have the highest level of cleanliness and absorption.

Dyeing & drying

During the dyeing process a reactive dye is applied to the fabric which forms a chemical bond with the fibre. After a pre-set dwell time, the fabric is washed again to remove unbound dye. The fabric is then dried on the stenter frame and stretched to the appropriate width.


During the finishing process the fabric is made soft and supple in order to give the fabric the optimum feel.

Calendering & shrinking

In the calendering process the fabric is passed under pressure between rolls that make the fabric smoother and denser. Both pressure and speed influence the texture of a fabric.

To prevent a fabric from undesired shrinking, it is pre-shrunk by mechanically compressing it using a rubber blanket. At the same time, it gives the fabric a more supple and softer feel.

3. Shells

Our shells are a further service we provide for you. For our expert trade customers, we have an extensive range of shells in stock.

From a certain order size, we are pleased to fulfill your individual requests, eg a special embroidery or a different type of stitching.

Special by tradition: Cloth made in Bramsche

The “Bramscher Tuch” quality seal was first awarded as early as in the 18th Century.

Elected representatives of the cloth makers’ guild only awarded it to fabrics that met the highest demands. Since then, “Bramscher Tuch” has been the equivalent for exquisite quality.

Sanders is the last cotton fabric finisher in Bramsche to preserve this artisan tradition, and thus supplies us with one of the best fabrics available today. “Bramscher Tuch EXKLUSIV” (EXCLUSIVE fabrics Bramsche) is the combination of high-quality raw materials, fine yarns and exclusive cotton finishing.

SanProCare® sensitive

is the worldwide unique finishing of exclusive Sanders cotton fabric.

SanProCare® sensitive provides our ticking fabrics with an unprecedented „down soft“ feeling! The moisture the sleeper produces while sleeping is quickly absorbed by the hydrophilic fabric, widely distributed across all fibres and thus released tot he ambient air faster than before. This results in a dry warm bed cave climate which considerably contributes to restful and regenerative sleep.

The advantages

  • Soft feel
  • Incomparably cuddly
  • Gives your skin a soft and tender feeling
  • Optimised moisture management
  • ÖkoTex® Standard 100, class 1 – baby standard
  • Suited für allergy sufferers
  • Durable
  • washable

Öko-Tex® Standard 100

All fabric qualities are labeled with „Textilies Vertrauen“  Öko-Tex® Standard 100, Class 1 (Baby Standard)

The brand

The quality brand Sanders of Germany stands for fine-thread, dense fabrics with optimal usage properties.